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We are a reenactment group based in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  
At this time we are actively looking to fill our ranks with both new and veteran reenactors.  

Other units may claim to be "Authentic", but BEWARE!!  Authentic doesn't always mean realistic.  

This is a hobby - Not a way of life!!  

We are dedicated to preserving the history of the Civil War and 
life-in-general during the mid-19th century, but we want to make the 
experience enjoyable for everyone - Spectator and Reenactor alike!  

When we are on the field or being observed by the public, 
When the spectators go home, sit back, relax and HAVE FUN!

If you live in Pa, Md, NJ or Del and would like more information on our unit,
please feel free to contact us at

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